The Vapouround team brought our beloved bus to St Editha’s Square in Tamworth on Friday September 22. It was great to finally make this trip as the event had been book and rescheduled in our diary a number of times.

Our bus really does seem to bring out the best in people and we received a really warm welcome from everyone we saw on the day.

In fact as soon as the bus had parked and opened up, we had the eyes and ears of the locals who were all curious about what was going on.

Perhaps the strangest reaction – and one I have never had before – was from a group of pensioners who looked very excited to see us. They milled around for a while until a spokesperson was appointed to enquire whether we were here to promote holidays for senior citizens.

They said the bus looked so bright and colourful that they would have loved to tour the country for day trips with us.

We explained that the bus was in town to promote vaping and help smokers quit cigarettes and they agreed that was a really worthwhile cause to promote.

Tamworth proved to be a really pro-vaping town and throughout the day we saw many more people vaping than smoking, a rare but promising sight. We were encouraged by the fact that there are plenty of vapers despite a scarcity of vape shops around the area. One of these vape shops, Drip Tease, wasn’t far from where the bus was positioned for the day. The staff came out to say hello and express their thoughts and excitement on how good the bus looked. 

Samples went down a treat as always, because let’s face it everybody loves a freebie, especially a blow-up flamingo that will hold your mod and juice!

Tamworth is a town that the Vapouround Bus will definitely be visiting again, as much by popular demand as personal preference. So, if you do live in the area keep an eye on the Vapouround Bus website to see when we’ll be returning.

We’re always happy to answer any questions and if you want to know more about getting the Vapouround Bus to your area or store, then contact either David Turner or Jorgie Shaw on 01332 650239.

Alternatively, they can be reached by email:  

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