Advertising On The Move

Want to get your advertisement on the UK’s biggest vape vehicle?

The Vapouround Bus travels across the UK, offering you the opportunity to have your brand represented nationwide. We visit different cities, shops, events, and expos – allowing your brand to be seen an almost unlimited amount times.

Sound good? Check out our pricing options below.




A Bus Visit

2500 A5 Printed Desk Pads

2500 Printed Lanyards

Bronze Package



A Bus Visit

1000 Drawstrings Promo Bags

1000 Grip Sport Bottles or Stress Toys

Advert Displayed on Screens in Bus



A Bus Visit

2500 Gripped Sports Bottle

2500 Tin of Mints or Premium Drawstring Bags

Advertorial in Internal Window

Regular Window Positions

Top Deck Windows

Top Deck, Driver Side and Passenger
£4165 bi-annual

Top Deck Back Window

Including Two Small-Side Windows
£7500 bi-annual

Bottom Deck Back Window

Top Deck, Driver Side and Passenger
£5830 bi-annual

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Special Positions


£5,000 bi-annual

Bus Body, Front Wrap

£3,500 bi-annual

Bus Body, Side Wraps

£8330 bi-annual

Internal Stairs

£3,330 bi-annual

Driver Sponsorship

£2,500 bi-annual

Water Bottle Labels

£3,500 bi-annual

Bus Body, Back Wrap

£5,830 bi-annual

TV Screen Advertising

£830 bi-annual

Onboard Leaflets

£1,665 bi-annual

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

If you require further information on what is available and when, then please call the Vapouround Sales Team on +44(0)1332 895953 and a representative will be happy to assist in any way. If you wish to enquire about the availability of the bus for local events in and around your area then please contact us on the same number.