Derbyshire Vape (Formerly V Vapour), South Normanton. February 2019

We travel all over the UK in the trusty Vapouround bus, meeting countless vapers and converting smokers along the way. But there’s nothing quite like playing on home turf, particularly when it means weaving through the picturesque streets of Derbyshire to get to Derbyshire Vape in South Normanton.

The shop first opened its doors in 2015 and soon became the go-to resource for a growing community of vapers and speculative smokers considering making the life-changing switch to e-cigarettes. The shop stocks everything from juices and mods to replacement glass and coils.

With owner Michaela looking after us, we set up shop and waited for the first customers of the day to arrive.

It’s very hard for pedestrians to pass the bus without having a good look at it, so it wasn’t long before the broad spectrum of the community began to drop by to see what we were all about. Some tried the juices and asked questions, others took that important first step of swapping their cigarettes for a starter kit.

One of the most rewarding aspects of travelling on the bus is listening to the stories from people whose lives have been changed by vaping. Derbyshire Vape was no exception.

Among the stories, the team chatted with 58-year-old, Anne Cooper.

Anne jumped on the vape train six-and-a-half years ago, which, in the relatively short history of vaping, makes her an earlier convert to the technology.

Anne had smoked for more than 30 years, practically half her life. She finally found an alternative that would see her ditch cigarettes for good. She now counts herself as one of the shop’s many regulars, popping by every week to stock up on supplies.

Another hectic leg of the Vapouround bus tour drew to a close, giving us pause to reflect on how vaping continues to change the lives of countless former-smokers in our local community.

Vapouround Bus Heads South, January 2019

We love a good spin down south with the Vapouround Bus, and it’s even better when our smoking cessation service on wheels has had a total makeover. We kicked off the new year by hitting the road and set our course for Bournemouth for a weekend of starter kits, games and shenanigans. 


BHVape, Bournemouth. January 18, 2019
Johnnie Lovell — known to most as a host of the Vaper Expo and Vapouround Awards — was his usual jovial self and pulled out all the stops inviting members of the local community to BHVape and the Vapouround Bus on what was a freezing cold Friday. 
Despite the cold climes, there was an impressive turnout of dedicated vapers and curious smokers trying their first kit aboard the bus. Everyone commented positively on the new wrap, which stood out more than ever with a special helping of pink.  
In-keeping with the theme of newness and bold fashion statements, the bus also featured a line of “Vee-Shirts” from Ohm Made Apparel. These brightly-coloured t-shirts are made by vapers, for vapers and were designed by Ohmbré, a close friend of everyone at BHVape, who joined us for the day.  
Paradox & Vapourtrade, Bournemouth. Saturday, January 19
On Saturday, the Vapouround team went all out, completing three stops. 
We rolled up at Paradox on Old Christchurch Road at 10.30am. We received a very warm welcome from both Eddie and Cissa, who introduced us to all the staff. Paradox is a unique place that has not only reached out to one subculture, but two. One half of the shop provides tattoos and piercings, the other provides all your vaping needs. Both the shop and its visitors were so pleased with their Vapouround Bus visit, they booked another one. We hope to return for a special evening on Friday, June 28, and warmer temperatures we hope! 
Next up was Vapourtrade on Alder Road where we met Charlie, before heading to another Vapourtrade stop, this time on Wimborne Road where we were greeted by Harry. Our pit-stops at both Vapourtrade sites were introductory, familiarising staff with the purpose and functions of the Vapouround Bus. Everyone at both Vapourtrade stores were thrilled with its new look and layout, eager to take pictures and videos both inside and out. We hope to return soon and give them a full outing! 
The British Vape Company, Bournemouth. Sunday, January 20 
On Sunday, we were greeted by sisters Tatiana and Alex. An eventful day saw us doing our duty for the local smokers by hooking them up with starter kits. Staff and vapers at The British Vape Company were very excited about the arrival of CBD in the vape trade, and look forward to seeing what it can do for those who need it. We were later joined by co-owner Matt, another pillar in the local vape community, who helped fill us in on The British Vape Company’s own brands and unique liquid ranges. 

Premier E-Cigs, Mansfield, September 7 2018













Often on tour, no matter where we go and what we see, it’s the people who make the best impression.

Whilst getting the true premier industry experience at Premier E-Cigs, the bus was visited by a woman suffering from MS. She had been given a life expectancy of twenty years and had lived double that on a five-a-day habit. Now, urged by her children, she decided to quit, going home to personally pick up her pack to trade with us.

After taking her starter kit, the newly-converted vaper signed up to the Vapouround Club to what we hope will be a long and fruitful journey for her.


Vaping in the Big Smoke – SN Vaping, Hornchurch

We conquered the capital on the Vapouround bus

Like Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the black cab, the red double-decker bus is an unmistakable signifier of London life. It is so integral to our capital’s identity that filmmakers frequently use it as a visual cue to help us identify a film’s setting within seconds of the opening credits. 

While we can’t claim that the Vapouround bus has had quite as big an impact on our cultural identity, it has fast become the ‘big red bus’ of the vaping industry. On a mild May morning, the bus weaved its way through East London’s streets and to SN Vaping in Hornchurch.

Shop owner Steve Nichols prides himself on supporting his local vaping community. Having cut his industry teeth as a YouTube reviewer and vlogger, Steve bit the bullet last year, selling his house to bankroll the shop. Since opening in January, SN Vaping has developed a reputation as the friendliest and cheapest in the area.

“Some shops will happily sell customers kit that they don’t even need but we look after our customers so they get exactly what they require. If they’re a bit low on funds, I trust them to pay us later.”

We set up shop – a pretty straightforward process now the bus has been revamped – and began welcoming our first customers of the day. Mark was one of the first to pop his head through the door and have a look at the shiny interior. Mark successfully switched to vaping five years ago and hasn’t touched a cigarette since.

“I started with a basic pen and it’s now descended into a full-on mod addiction. I can’t get enough of them!”

Mark’s only complaint is one that we hear far too often.

“I hate that I have to huddle alongside smokers in the smoking area. I took up vaping to get away from that.”

Most of those who stopped by were SN Vaping customers, many of whom praised Steve for his expert knowledge and continued support as they transitioned from smokers to vapers. 

Vapers are spoiled for choice in Hornchurch, not to mention the wider London area which is easily accessible by the local Tube station. Nonetheless, Steve has developed a loyal customer base in just four months.

The most gratifying part of working on the bus is handing out starter kits in exchange for cigarettes or tobacco. One person to make the exchange was Dylan, a homeless former-smoker whose mod had been stolen days before. Dylan couldn’t afford a replacement and was grateful to be able to exchange some rolling tobacco for a pod starter kit.

“I really don’t want to smoke but without my mod it can be tough. This vape is a lot less bulky. This will really help me out.”

That is, after all, what our industry is all about: helping improve the lives of smokers by informing them about e-cigarettes. Thanks to the support passionate vapers like Steve, there has never been a better time to quit.

Nottingham City Tour

The main aim of a city tour is to market the bus to the public as much as possible in a short space time, we made sure we targeted some high populated residential areas within Nottingham. With this being our first city tour since the re-wrap I wanted to stay local to where we are based before venturing out further and the public’s reaction to the bus was great. I even lipread a lady say “wow” and nudged her partner to have a look as well which is fantastic.
Our next city tour is booked in for the 8th March in Stoke on Trent so if anyone see’s us on our travels please give us a wave! You will also have the chance to receive a free vape wild bag full of goodies if you take a picture of yourself with the bus in the background.
If you would like to see the bus in an area near you please contact or or alternatively you can call 01332 650239.