The Vapouround Bus has partnered with the UK’s leading capsule vaping brand, Logic, giving you the opportunity to try one of their new devices – for free!

Don’t quite fancy a bulky mod? Or can’t be bothered with fiddly coil changes and juice refills? No problem.

The Vapouround Bus is pleased to offer the perfect solution for quick, easy, and on-the-go vaping with the Logic Compact.

Featuring a sleek, pocket-sized design, with quick charging, easy pod-changes and a range of metallic colours, you can rest assured that your vaping experience will be as stylish as it is effortless.

From slate grey, to steel blue, and even a fancy rose gold, there’s a colour for every taste.

Speaking of taste, the flavour-filled Logic Compact pods provide around 300 puffs of your choice of either tobacco, menthol, berry mint, cherry, or strawberry – why not try them all and find your favourite?

The fast charging time and easy pod changes, both at just the snap of a magnet, makes this travel-friendly device a natural choice for when you’re out and about.

And with no fiddly buttons to turn the Logic Compact on and off, you can just puff and go.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on the Vapouround Bus and make the switch today.

You’ll even get a free device for handing in your cigarettes or tobacco, how’s that for incentive?