What our hosts have to say…

“Smokers and vapers alike were impressed by how good the bus looked. The highlight of the day was a smoker in his 60s who smoked 40-60 rolling tobacco cigarettes telling us he finally wanted to quit and thought vaping could be his answer. We gave him a vaping starter kit and he said he would use it”
 – Bus manager Dylan @ Infinity Vape Store, Bristol, May 25
“It has been super busy all day. This has been our best day of the year. At one stage there was literally no space to stand in the shop. We are so happy to have had the Vapouround Bus here. Not only did our customers enjoy it but it gave us great publicity for the store and we were able to get some great pictures for our social media campaigns. After seeing how well today has gone, having the Vapouround Bus down again is something I would most certainly consider.” 
– Shop manager Dan Brogan @ Vape HQ Newquay, May 26
“I suffer from asthma, but I don’t need to use my inhaler anymore and I can walk without getting the shortness of breath I got when I was a smoker. I loved seeing the Vapouround Bus here today. There is nothing else like it and it is more like a mobile expo with more to offer than some shops.”
– Coleen Ellis, from Barnstaple @ Vaping is Personal, Bideford, May 27
“This was the second bus visit this year alone and it is a great opportunity to put on a really fun day to engage with new and existing customers alike. The whole atmosphere was amazing, having the bus here gave everyone a chance to socialise and share their stories about vaping. Not only did it bring more people into our shop, it also helped raise awareness about vaping and gave new vapers plenty of knowledge on the basics of it too. The entire Vapouround Bus team were absolutely amazing. They were friendly, professional and had great advice. We had such a great day that we cannot wait for the bus to return.”
– Peaches Atkinson @ BH Vape, Bournemouth, May 28
 “The bus is amazing! The fact that a new vaper can sample 20 juices, get freebies and get introduced to the culture is great.”
– Gwyn @Vaping is Personal, Plymouth, June 16