3. Age group (in years)

    4. Location

    5. Which best describes your smoking/vaping journey?

    6. How long have you been vaping?

    7. If you were/are a smoker, what was/is your average consumption (per day)?

    8. If you have switched from smoking to only vaping, how would you say your fitness has improved?

    9. Where do you purchase vaping items?

    10. What do think about the Vapouround bus?

    11. Have you found the information and support on the bus useful?

    12. Did you try the juice test station, if so, which was your favourite e-liquid?

    13. How would you rate this juice (0 stars not very good – 5 stars amazing)

    14. How can we improve the overall experience of the bus for the future?

    15. How would you rate the bus overall as a smoking cessation tool (0 stars not very good – 5 stars amazing)

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