Vaper Expo UK: May 4-6 2018

True to our promise, the Vapouround Bus pulled into the Birmingham expo in May in a shining new wrap, filled out with a comfortable seating area, some fantastic new juices, a fresh internal layout and even a gaming system. Visitors took every opportunity to catch a break from the sounds and speed of the show floor to socialise, swap tips, top up on and indulge their competitive side.

The Vapouround Bus had never held more juices, never provided more unique features and never seen so many visitors in a single weekend. Even the comparatively calm B2B day had the team going all hands on deck. At peak B2C hours, we saw queues of eager vapers waiting to see what we had added or experience the Vapouround Bus for the first time.

Just as the Vaper Expo brings a perfect cross-section of British and global vapers to its halls, the Vapouround Bus is the perfect stop for a diverse snapshot. The reinvigorated upstairs area bore new evidence of Vapouround as a global brand and the expo as representing a worldwide family: Vape Duty Free had hired the space to display a special range of cosmopolitan concoctions inviting all aboard to “Vape the flavours of the world” from some quality mods placed on a printed map. Vape Duty Free also provided the first six instalments of the already acclaimed Fifty Shades of Flava collection, an ambitious project combining fruit, dessert and spice flavours.

But, as always, all this is nothing without our guests, who are our main motivation to improve with every outing.

Jonathan, an ex-smoker and vaper of three years, was one of many who got to see the bus for the first time. “You’ve definitely got to come to the bus, it’s a must-see stop. The testing stations are a great way to sample everything.”

Carl, a vaper of nine years, thought he had seen it all in the industry until he found the Vapouround Bus last October. He was one of many returning to see what else we had for May.

“I started way back on the cig-a-likes and I haven’t smoked since switching to a mod. Everyone here is really inviting, really friendly and very informative about the liquids and stations.”

Tony first came to the Vapouround Bus in October with his nephew and was particularly impressed with the Vapouround staff. He also had his eye on a certain liquid brand.

“We came here all the way from Maidstone in Kent. It is different this time, there’s more people around to help and offer advice, and more to do. It’s good to see the return of Naked Fish liquids.”

Whether on the road taking starter kits and testing stations to dual users, relapsed vapers and smokers, or giving dedicated vapers a place to relax and try something special, the Vapouround Bus can do it all.